How To Get The Hollywood Smile

The beauty market today is saturated with products to enhance, brighten and smooth almost every part of the body. With so many treatments, ointments, scrubs and rubs to pamper the body from head to toe, it’s important to remember the simple transforming power of the bright white smile.

While some people are born with beautiful teeth, others have to work at it. Many endure years of painful orthodonture, whitening treatments, and some even go so far as to get veneers. In some cases, more extreme measures such as braces may be required for problematic chompers, but a few quality products from the pharmacy aisle and a vigorous routine is all that’s required for most people.

Sticking to a good routine

Some of the glamorous million dollar smiles we see in Hollywood are called so for a reason. However, while expensive dental work may be the price of entry for the rich and famous, you can achieve a gorgeous Hollywood smile with a good electric toothbrush and a high-grade whitening toothpaste.

Whether you prefer manual or electric, brushing those pearly whites is essential. Electric toothbrushes are best for those truly committed to their dental hygiene as they perform consistent and thorough brush action set to timers so you don’t slack or stop brushing before you’ve taken care of business. This said, try not to go overboard and brush more than 3 times daily, as this can actually erode the enamel of your teeth.

There are tons of toothpastes on the market and many of them combine plaque fighting strength with whitening cosmetics. Try to stick to paste instead of gel, as this contains baking soda and fluoride, two of the best cleaning ingredients. Brushing two times a day with a whitening toothpaste can show real results in just a few weeks. In addition, there are whitening mouthwash products available, but opt for one which strengthens and restores the enamel, not simply stripping it off.

Hints for showing off your smile

A few tweaks to your daily routine can also work wonders for keeping your white smile bright. Wearing bold lipstick is a great way to create contrast and make your smile truly shine. Deep reds make whites look whiter and tinted glosses can have a similar effect so be sure to apply generously before heading out on the town.

Try to cut back on coffee and red wine. While they’re both therapeutic in their own right, they stain your teeth and wear away at the enamel which is unbecoming and can lead to increased sensitivity which is never good. If you’re going to drink cold drinks that could potentially stain your teeth, consider drinking through a straw, this will protect them from potential stains and won’t smudge your lipstick.

It’s certainly possible to keep your smile looking bright without expensive treatments or procedures. With a few simple tricks you can flash your pearly whites with the charisma and confidence of any Hollywood star.

Michelle Craven is a beauty columnist and has written on everything from the perfect make-up lighting to homemade face treatments. She counts her smile as her best feature.

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