Gift-Giving For Him & Her

It’s the gift-giving season once again, and I can imagine couples scrambling to find that perfect gift for each other. It can be especially difficult for new relationships as it can get pretty confusing to determine what to give and how much is enough. IMO, it’s also early in the relationship when couples feel the greatest need to make their special someone feel really loved, thus the added pressure. Now, who is harder to buy gifts for, men or women? Here’s my take.

Gifts for her. Women, for me (and even Paulie agrees with me on this one), are far easier to give gifts to than men. I hope none of my male readers (if there are any!) will disagree with this. Women are much more appreciative of the stuff they receive, and there are a lot more gift options for women that men can practically buy anything from a random shop they lay their eyes on and their girl will almost surely love it.

Also, my guess is that it’s in our nature to always take into consideration the thought behind the gift, so anything given to us we will definitely fuss over and be highly thankful for. Another thing could be that we gab so much about what we want (women squee over stuff, men don’t) that it’s easy for our men to know what to get for us for Christmas (or any other occasion, for that matter).

Gifts for him. In defense of men, they can be pretty easy to shop for when you already know what they want. And when men want something, they are pretty specific about it, so they’re even easier to shop for. But what about if you don’t know each other too well yet? Some men I’ve talked to told me about a safe gift choice: anything practical. Like pocketknives or tools. And I completely agree.

Men can be expensive to shop for, though. Men’s clothing are generally pricier, and practical things usually come in a not-so-practical price (i.e., a good quality tool set). But, unlike women, if you don’t know what to get for men, you can be upfront and just ask them what they want for you to get. Men can be uncomplicated like that.

What do you think? Are guys really harder to shop for gifts than girls?

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