GT: Most Romantic Movie

I’m betting some of you went on movie dates last February 14. How was it? Was it your most romantic movie to date? Me and Paulie also watched a movie on V-Day, and since we don’t have any new romantic comedies in mind, we had to decide on an old movie hat made us both cry. Yes, both. I told Paulie to remember a movie that made him cry (just A BIT, he insisted in the end. Men!), and he told me it was this:

My Sassy Girl (the original South Korean version, mind you) is hands-down, the best movie to see with a special someone. A mix of romance and comedy is always a hit for Paulie and I, and this movie excels in both categories (and more). The plot is very original (as with most Korean hit films), and this same movie is actually what led us to discovering and watching other equally great Korean films of the same genre.

The American remake was blah, IMO, so if you haven’t watched both films yet I suggest you watch the American version first. Kind of like watching a movie first before you read the book so you don’t get disappointed. LOL. But please, watchitwatchitwatchit! Highly recommended!

How about you? What’s the most romantic movie you’ve seen so far? Join in the Girls Talk fun! How? Simple! Just make a post including the Girls Talk badge AND link, submit the EXACT URL of your post at the inLinkz tool below and hop to the blogs of the other participants to see what other they have to say on the prompt of the week topic! That is how you play Girls Talk!

8 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    ive heard so much about this movie, though i have never seen it yet! joining GT again this week

  2. rona says:

    Hi Gene! I so love that movie. I cried in full tears and i couldn’t move on for hours after watching! hahaha. Glad that you’re back!

  3. Sorry, I put my comment in the wrong GT post.

  4. Jade says:

    I am interested in this movie, I will try finding a DVD of this one. Thanks!

  5. My brother in law fell in love with the movie he convinced us to watch it also but I got lazy and I never watch it sigh!

  6. Gaylee says:

    My sister-in-law lent me her dvd but have no time to watch it till now. My boys would not allow me to change channel either. :(.

    Joining again

  7. Peach says:

    I’ve seen this movie too… so sweet!
    Movies like this really makes us all fall in love, dont you agree?

    Here’s mine: http://www.peachyalvarez.com/2012/02/gt-my-romantic-movie.html

  8. niko says:

    ay teh super love ko rin yan movie na yan!!! nakakatuwa at super nkakainlab nga!! sori late aketch ha!! misssu mwaaaaah

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