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GT: Turn The Music Off | Beauty Queen Gene

GT: Turn The Music Off

Hello ladies! It’s the first Thursday of March and since we were all about gooey icky love last month, why not start this March off with hate? Hee hee. All of us have that one music that we really loathe hearing, right? That music that makes us wish we can rip our ears out just for the duration of that song? I know I have several of those. And I’m just dying to get y’all irritated. LOL. So let me start the ball rolling.

The first song that came to mind which you can definitely use to torture me with or just make me plain murderous is Crazy Frog by (and I had to Google this) Axel F. It annoys the crap out of me because it’s bloody horrible. Seriously. When we go to stay at MIL’s home in Bulacan, the neighbors play the thing over and over and over again until I want to shave my face off. I actually like the beat on the first few seconds, but it’s suicide-inducing for the rest of the song.

And now I am going to annoy you with it because I took the time to post this You Tube video and set it on auto-play. Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha! (You know you can always stop it if we feel the same way about the song. I don’t want you to have an LSS and blame it on me. LOL).

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43 Responses

  1. bambie says:

    Hi Kaye! Joining this week and hopefully in the coming weeks din! It was so hard to think of a song I hate. I had no idea matiisin pala ako sa songs. LOL! By the way, Crazy Frog annoys me too.

  2. seiri says:

    that is indeed an annoying sound!!! It’s all noise. hahaha =)

  3. zoan says:

    hahahaha my son loves that song! he keeps on dancing to the tune when he was 2 years old LOL

  4. sharonmae says:

    love the instrumental side but i abhor it when the frog starts to say ting ting ting ting!!!lol!! happy gt!

  5. nancy says:

    finally, i got it done early for the first time, hahaha… nagulat ako sa crazy frog, muntik ko nang mapagbintangan si bf ko, ahhaha…

  6. nuts says:

    waahhhhahaha.. di ko siya hate, love ko ang music na to, my generation.. lol. nagulat lang ako bakit me biglang music kala ko san nanggaling, hihi.. will post my entry later..

  7. vernz says:

    wahhh ako din di ko siya hate.. hate ko lang yung mukha ng cartoon… hahaha.. love it k..lol..

  8. peachkins says:

    I don’t hate this music but this is really annoying..

  9. peppermayo says:

    buti na lang naka-mute ang notebook ko… hehehe! ;p

  10. Simply Dyes says:

    hi! first time to join the meme

    it had been a popular ring tone for quite a while. But, i made it my alarm tone to really wake me up from slumber. haha

  11. genny says:

    oh i love this froggy music.lol i enjoyed listening, thanks for sharing.:-) happy GT!

  12. mjrodriguez says:

    Kinda cool tune although it does get to you after a while of repeats. LOL.

    Happy GT!

  13. Lisa says:

    I LOVE the Crazy Frog music. Makes me want to get up and move. I can’t think of a song right now that annoys me. Sorry.

  14. The Love Bug says:

    Hi my first entry for GT!

  15. darly says:

    hehehe, i think i know now why you said its suicide-inducing… kainis nga! Ive heard this na rin before pero as a ringtone.

    Have a great weekend

  16. Chie says:

    oh this is a funny song…i dn’t really hate this song..this song actually makes me dance hahahha

  17. Remy says:

    Just joined in this week! Thanks for a wonderful topic that I could go on and on about. LOL

  18. Anne says:

    am loving the topic for this month….

    nakakainis nman talga ung shinare mo kapatid… kahit ako nakukulele ang tenga jan e… alam ko parang may laruan pa nga ang baby ko na yan ung music…

    • admin says:

      yikes! which reminds me of another song played by a cheap plastic toy. i can’t remember it now. must have forgotten it on purpose. LOL

  19. Shy says:

    Heeya Kaye, joining Girl talk for the first time and late entry also for the first time wahahaa.

    Can’t blame you not to like that song kasi walang ka appeal appeal talaga.

  20. hahaha! I can’t stop laughing while reading your post. And I couldn’t agree more – it is indeed IRRITATING! All that ding dong bem bem ting ting hahaha!I’m leaving now before I get all crazy! hahaha

  21. bambs says:

    ano be yen.. nakakarindi naman lol, naka auto play kasi, ang lakas pa naman speaker ko..

    im joining this week, better late than never

  22. ada says:

    hahahaha… I keep on playing it and you are right. Happy GT

  23. jared's mum says:

    i’m joining gt for the first time with my new blog. am ?in the topics for this month^^

  24. kim says:

    honestly, i found it cute before, in fact my sister, Liz and I used to dance to this music just for fun. But it’s really LOUD I admit, lol!

  25. Trish says:

    now that you mentioned that song, oo nga, nakaka-irita sya. hehe. very late na ang aking entry. habol pa din ako!

  26. Ian J says:

    Its not that we hate the song. more like we hear them all the time that it gets pretty tiring. Or maybe that’s just me.

    Followed you. Please me too @
    A Positive Standpoint
    Vanity Speaks

  27. gene says:

    omg, that sound is so annoying! hahaha!

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