The Birkin Bag

I don’t need to explain to you what the Birkin bag is, do I? I do??? Well, it’s just the ultimate IT bag, the bag to be seen with, sought after even by the rich and the famous. It is a handmade Hermès purse named after and designed by actress Jane Birkin, which started production in the mid-1980s. Which means that it has been that long when it started becoming an almost unobtainable cult fashion phenomenon.

Victoria Beckham

The price? A piece costs around $9,000 to $34,000, depending on the material used (crocodile skin being the most expensive). There is information on the internet that there is a two year waiting list for potential owners. As an aside, eBay seller Michael Tonello came out with a book called Bringing Home The Birkin, which exposes how he was able to buy 130 Birkins in a three-month period, busting the myth of the waiting list.

Black Birkin Bag

What makes this bag so special? A lot of other bags are made of crocodile skin. A lot of consumer experts agree that it is the allure of exclusivity that makes people want this product. Likewise, fashion gurus claimed that being handmade and of expensive materials, it is indeed of the highest quality. After doing this article, the Birkin magic has started to rub on me. Don’t get me wrong though. I never dream of owning one. I’d be contented just to see one face to face, see if it’s as breathtaking as they claim it is.

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